The Latest on Portland’s Airbnb Rules

On November 19 at 2pm, Portland City Council will hold a public hearing on the latest revisions to the proposed short-term rental code amendments. This means that City Council is close to voting on new rules to regulate Airbnb rentals in Portland.

There are over 1000 Portland rentals advertised on Airbnb, the vast majority of which are being rented without the permits required under existing short-term rental rules. The proposed rules are less onerous for those who own detached-single-family homes that were built in compliance with the City Code, and which aren’t subject to separate homeowners association restrictions, but the┬ánew rules seem like a dead end for all the quirky basements, barns, cellars, coops, attics and apartments that constitute the cool essence of Portland’s Airbnb rental corpus.

So, it’ll certainly be a lively hearing. If you can’t make it downtown, you can watch the fray live from the cozy comfort of your nonconforming converted basement sleeping room.

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